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The Open Post

by Stacey

We returned from our trip back east on  Saturday, this time with plenty of diapers in our bag. Forgetting the diaper bag on the way out was definitely not our greatest parenting moment. But taking our almost-four-year old son Sage on a train ride to New York City and then on a subway ride to Brooklyn, I think counts as one of our better ones. We capped it off with a trip to the New York Transit Museum which had a bunch of old subway cars we could explore and a real city bus Sage could pretend to drive.

Sascha stayed home with his Grandma and got to go the grocery store. It was okay. He likes to sit in the cart and make faces at people.

How was your holiday? Got any good family stories to tell? 


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The Open Post

by Stacey

Hello from New Jersey! On Saturday we flew out for a week-long visit with my family. Trekking across the country with two small children is never any fun at all,  so we usually try to steel ourselves with lots of books and toys and always, always armfuls of diapers. Just in case. You never know. You might need fifteen diapers in five hours and what would you do if you didn’t have enough? Well, we found out.

As we stood on the curb at the airport at 5:30 in the morning gathering our wits and our belongings I began to look around in panic for the diaper bag. Long story short, I forgot to pick it up as we were running out the door. There it was all nicely packed full of diapers and wipes and extra clothes and some more diapers and a few extra wipes. There it was, in our living room. Very far away. This was bad. We were all set to get on a five hour flight with a ten-month old baby who was not accustomed to “holding it in.”

Luckily the woman standing next to us had a baby with her and she kindly unzipped her bag to reveal her stash of three hundred diapers and ten packs of wipes. She gave us two diapers and wished us luck. I felt like Chris McCandless, the young man in “Into the Wild” who ventured into the wilderness of Alaska with a ten pound bag of rice and a plan to live off the land. He didn’t fare so well. I was hoping for a better outcome.

My plan was to beg for wipes and more diapers once we got on the plane. There’s always at least one other baby on board. I spotted a woman with a baby soon after we settled into our seats and my spirits lifted. As it turned out, Sascha needed only one diaper change during the trip and let’s just say, it wasn’t the messy kind. We actually walked off the plane with an extra diaper from the nice, well-prepared lady back at curbside check-in.

Definitely dodged a bullet that time. So what’s up with all of you?


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