Fussbucket is Moving!

by Stacey

Thanks to the kind people at BlogHer, Fussbucket will now be hosting ads! But in order to make it all work, we had to move the site to a new address. So please follow along with us!

If you have us bookmarked, please change the address to: http://www.fussbucketblog.com

If you’re receiving email or RSS feeds, you’ll need to subscribe again. There are links on the new site to facilitate that simple process.

You won’t need to register to comment on the new site, so I’m hoping you all will keep right on commenting. The site looks and feels mostly the same as our comfy, old site here on WordPress. Thanks much to the folks over here.

One last thing, none of this would have happened were it not for the tenacious brilliance of Kristin, our tech guru. Thanks so much to her. She’s a coding, widget wizard.

I really hope you’ll join us at Fussbusketblog.com. Oh, and if you run into any problems over there, please let us know. You can email me at: stacey@fussbucketblog.com.



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