It’s Official!!


by Stacey

Our ten-month old baby “Sasha” is now our ten-month old baby “Sascha!” On Wednesday, my husband and I took him downtown to the County Court to change the spelling of his name. In the photo above Sascha waited to appear before the judge along with a bunch of other unsavory characters.

You’d think with nine months to contemplate the arrival of a baby, we would have gotten it right the first time. But we were completely stumped for a boy’s name up until the very end of my pregnancy. We stumbled on Sasha through a conversation with my Fussbucket partner Kristin and another good friend. It was a name we both immediately liked a lot.

What a relief, we thought, and didn’t give much attention to the spelling. Later we learned there’s “Sasha,” as in the Russian nickname for Alexander. There’s “Sacha,” as in the now-famous comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. And there’s “Sascha,” which my mom suggested and is a variant of the Alexander nickname. That’s the version we like best so we decided before he gets all attached to Sasha, we’d make the switch.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the other spellings too. But we were running into the problem of people thinking he was a girl because of his name. This happened a few times when people saw his name written down and so it got us thinking about whether we should try to masculinize it. When I showed Kristin the new spelling she said, “It’s chunkier,” which sealed the deal for me. And by the way, we’re not the only ones who have a boy named Sasha, Sacha, Sascha, who are having this problem.

In other Sascha news, he’s big into feeding himself in the highchair and has even taught himself a little trick! It’s called, watch-me-balance-my-food-on-my-head!


He’s also crawling! Sort of. He seems to be doing the same thing his older brother did, which is a kind of sitting scooch. Must be genetic. From my husband.

Congratulations Sascha on all of these milestones! We love you!!!



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7 responses to “It’s Official!!

  1. Thanks for the linky love! And, as always, I am glad to see another boy Sascha in the world. I quite enjoy the new name spelling, too.

  2. Thanks. I love that picture of your kid, btw. Sacha, I presume? What a cutie.

  3. sweetslugabed

    Hi Stacey:

    Sorry I haven’t commented in so long! Among other things, I’ve been having trouble getting into my previous account at wordpress for various reasons. I finally made a new one. Congrats Sascha on the new spelling to your name! And the first visit to the courthouse at a very young age! And the crawling scooching!

  4. alexander64

    sascha looks good (the name and the being), and will very much enjoy the story about his name change later in life. or use it against you. or both.

  5. hey thanks guys. actually this wasn’t sascha’s first visit to the courtroom. last spring i contested a ticket (so unfair!!) and he came with me. both times he went under oath with me and the judge couldn’t help but make little comments throughout the hearing. this time, the judge was asking me the standard questions for a name change including, is this being done to avoid bad credit? to which she added, has he racked up a lot of debt over his ten months?

    it’s good to have you back, dcslugabed! we missed you. sorry to hear you were having trouble with your wordpress account. grrrr. we’re actually going to be moving the site to a new url soon and i’m not sure if everyone will have to redo their accounts. i’ll let you know.

  6. annamcclendon

    Yay Sascha! A new name and a new move.
    Both look great!

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