The Open Post

by Stacey

Happy Halloween! And congratulations Red Sox for winning the World Series Sunday night! Fitting for this time of year, I have kind of a spooky story to tell. When I agreed to marry my husband, I also agreed that our future children would grow up loving the baseball team he had cheered for (and cried over) all his life. I didn’t realize it then, but at the time the Sox were deep into the curse of the Bambino. Wikipedia explains:


The Curse of the Bambino (1918-2004) was a superstition cited, often jokingly, as a reason for the failure of the Boston Red Sox baseball team to win the World Series in the 86 year period from 1918 until 2004. Prior to the curse, the Boston Red Sox was one of the most successful professional baseball franchises, winning the first ever World Series in 1903, and amassing five World Series titles by 1918. The curse was said to have begun after the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth, sometimes called The Bambino, to the New York Yankees at the end of 1919. The flip side of the curse was New York’s success—after the sale, the once-lackluster Yankees became one of the most successful franchises in North American professional sports.


Then in December 2003, our baby Sage was born. He was all belly and smiles, kind of like the Bambino pictured above. Except he was our bambino, not the Bambino. Or was he? Against all odds, ten months later the curse was lifted. The Red Sox won the championship and the people of Boston were happy. They hugged each other and even felt a little less hatred for the New York Yankees. Maybe just a smidge? Okay, forget that.

Just a coincidence you say. But then how do you explain this? Come December 2006, and we have another bambino. Whaddya know? Kablammo! The Sox win it again!

Now you may be thinking, umm, get over yourself. This has nothing to do with you. And if it was anyone else I’d totally agree. But since it’s my family and my kids, I say, See that Red Sox Nation! Our bambinos saved you from the curse of the Bambino. Twice!

(For future reference, you’re on your own from here. No more bambinos in this house.)

Anything spooky going on in your neck of the woods?


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  1. So when people get thoroughly sick of the Red Sox, they’ll start blaming Sage and Sascha? Poor kids, we shouldn’t pin this on them.

    Yay Sox!

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