There They Go Again

by Stacey

The Bush Administration has appointed an anti-birth control advocate to head family planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services. According to this article in the Washington Post, Susan Orr, who once worked at the conservative Family Research Council, was named acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs earlier this week. She has been critical of contraception in the past.

She will oversee $283 million in annual grants to provide low-income families and others with contraceptive services, counseling and preventive screenings.


“In a 2001 article in The Washington Post, Orr applauded a Bush proposal to stop requiring all health insurance plans for federal employees to cover a broad range of birth control,” the article says. “‘We’re quite pleased, because fertility is not a disease,’ said Orr, then an official with the Family Research Council.”

That’s some twisted thinking there. You have to go to a doctor to get many forms of birth control. These products are made by the pharmaceutical industry. Last time I checked, this is the stuff that health insurance covers. And besides, insurance paid for a mighty chunk of the medical bills I incurred giving birth to my babies. No, it wasn’t a disease, but it did take place in the hospital.

Having a political ideologue heading the office of family planning is nothing new for this administration, the article says. “Critics panned the appointment last year of Eric Keroack, a physician who worked at a Christian pregnancy-counseling organization that opposed the use of birth control. He resigned in March.”


Oh well, less than 500 days of this craziness to go.


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