The Open Post

by Stacey

Man, what a weekend. I flew back to New Jersey on Friday, attended my 20th high school reunion on Saturday evening, and then flew back to Seattle on Sunday. First let me say that flying alone was divine. Heavenly. Utterly wonderful. I read and worked and barely said a word the entire trip. The only bad part was that I somehow ended up drinking about four cups of coffee which is three more than I usually drink and got so wired on caffeine I thought my head might pop off. I was buzzing until suddenly I wasn’t and then I took one of those broken neck naps that my kid does in the carseat where his head is all flopped over to the side. By the time I made it to my parents’ house I was some combination of hungry and nauseous with a slight headache to boot. But still, I was humming a tune because none of the children on the two airplane rides I took that day were mine. I was on vacation!

The reunion was fun. Most of the people I hadn’t seen since high school or at least since our tenth reunion which was, not surprisingly, ten years ago. I flitted around for the first hour or so flashing pictures of my kids and finding out what people were doing with themselves in life. Then I settled in to catching up with one very good friend who I had lost touch with. The event was held at our school and we spent a good part of the evening roaming the halls talking. That alone was worth the trip.

The flight back was non-eventful and now I’m home again. Vacation over. What’s going on in your world lately? Got anything you want to talk about?



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4 responses to “The Open Post

  1. I’d like to talk about where you were all weekend, young lady.

    Weekend with dad didn’t seem to faze the boys too much, but only because it was short. I think the “hey, dad’s home!” novelty was wearing off by the time we picked you back up. They’re patient, easy kids, so it never quite got to crying, outside of the first time I went in to pick up Sascha and it dawned on him that you weren’t there. I wonder what the window is on mom’s absence, generally? Gotta be no more than two days, I’d think.

  2. oh, i think we could stretch it by a few more days. like a week. a week would be just right.

  3. last night i was tucking sadie into bed. well, actually, into the air mattress/sleeping bag “nest” on the floor of our bedroom she’s been sleeping on since the nightmares hit a few weeks ago. anyway, i’m lying there with her, all cuddly and sweet, when she says, “mommy, you’re about ready to be a really old woman.” and then she pounds on my head with a bean bag mermaid and bursts into tears, crying “i scared myself!” good thing i’ve been reading up on my developmental psych. otherwise, i might think she’s, oh, i don’t know, EVIL?

  4. ouch! and ouch again! geez, that sadie really can throw the zingers. do tell, what does all that mean it terms of developmental psych?

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