The Open Post

by Stacey

My son Sage is convinced we’re getting chickens. We’re not. But despite our tiny backyard, our three cats, and the fact that we live in a city, he thinks any day now the chickens are coming home to roost.

You can’t blame him. It all started when we visited my husband’s parents over the summer and Sage saw the chicken coop where my husband raised chickens while he was in high school. Don’t ask me. No, he wasn’t a farmer. He lived in the suburbs. But somehow he convinced his parents to let him turn the shack in the back into a chicken coop and there he raised his flock. Until he left for college and the chickens left for the “farm.” Sage thinks those chickens still live out there on the “farm.”

Which, as far as I learned it, is where chickens are supposed to live. But now our neighbors and good friends have chickens and Sage went over this weekend to collect eggs. Some good clean fun. Well I don’t know how clean it is and frankly I don’t want to know. But the point is, now he thinks that everyone in the world raises chickens and so of course, we will too.

I don’t want chickens! I have enough problems raising children and keeping my sanity. My plan is to keep him at bay until he discovers lizards or turtles or some other reptilian creature. Just no snakes. I won’t do snakes.

So what’s up with you all? Anything interesting happening in your world?


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