More Toys RECALL

by Stacey

Another toy recall to report. According to this AP story, it involved over 600,000 toys and children’s jewelry made in China, including five more items from the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway product line, because they contain dangerous levels of lead.

RC2 Corp.’s “Knights of the Sword” series toys and some of its Thomas and Friends items, along with floor puppet theaters and gardening tools and chairs for children, were among the more than 601,000 toys and children’s jewelry announced in the recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recalled toys contain high levels of lead in their surface paint, and the necklaces and jewelry sets contain excessive lead in some of their metal parts.

The AP story has all the details with links to the companies involved. Also you can go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission for information. Expect there to be more recalls coming. CPSC spokesperson Julie Vallese said, “I don’t think consumers have seen the end to lead paint recalls.” We can’t wait.



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2 responses to “More Toys RECALL

  1. dianacc

    Why is it so important for US companies to manufacture toys in China? Who cares about the cheap labor? We need to take care of our children—they come first!

  2. I think the way it goes is something similar to the pharmaceutical companies. Their product is intended for the innocent or the vulnerable, but they are still corporations, beholden to shareholders and interested first and foremost in making money. So cheap labor is actually important to them. They can cross their fingers that no one gets hurt, but in the end the bottom line matters more.

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