gimme less

by kristin
(pitching in for stacey as she fights off a fever)


man, i feel so bad for this girl. why wouldn’t she be a flaming mess after photo shoots like this? how confusing it must have been for her to be sexualized and exploited on such a grand scale at such a young age. the most thoughtful analysis i’ve seen so far on the whole britney vma scandal is on salon. it’s so ghoulish to watch her participate in her own evisceration. i just wish everybody (including britney) would stop.

if you were britney’s mom, what would you do to make it right? how would you help your girl?


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One response to “gimme less

  1. thanks for posting Kristin! this fever is kicking my ass. i think britney’s mom screwed up a long time ago. she allowed this kind of imagery to be created around her daughter. i don’t know if she can fix the problem now.

    i totally agree with you that britney’s story is a sad, sad tale. it was painful to watch her performance at the MTV awards show. she seems completely out of control at this point and needs help.

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