bob blanchett

by kristin

have you seen this clip of cate blanchett as bob dylan in the upcoming biopic i’m not there?

and here s/he is again:


what an amazing actor. her dylan impression is especially fresh for me after recently watching no direction home, a documentary about dylan’s early years and his transition from folk purist to rock & roll pariah. i love the idea behind this new movie – six distinct stages of dylan’s life as depicted by six different actors. i am so there.



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2 responses to “bob blanchett

  1. I’d really like to see this movie. I saw a documentary about Dylan recently too. Maybe it was the one you mentioned. I think it was directed by Martin Scorcese. Is this one with Cate Blanchett out yet?

  2. “no direction home” was directed by martin scorcese, so i bet we saw the same one. the new movie is going to be released in the US on nov. 21. only 3.5 months to go!

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