mommy merit badge

by kristin

my 20 month-old, lily, broke her arm last week. well, actually, my friend fell on lily and broke her arm. so that has been a bummer for all three of us, as you can imagine.

yet, as we make our way through this latest challenge, i am once again reminded of my idea for mommy merit badges (TM). kind of like these old school camp fire girl badges you used to get for learning how to ride your bike or start a fire with sticks.


only my merit badges are for the moms.

say, for example:
your kid’s first broken bone

or this one:
diaper free

i earned this one just yesterday:


3 am wakeup five nights in a row

the possibilities are endless. we could sew (or glue or staple) them onto our diaper bags and give each other props at the playgound. wo-he-lo, mommies of the world. i salute you!



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5 responses to “mommy merit badge

  1. ooh! I just earned that same one too! sasha’s sleeping has been terrible this trip. he’s waking two or three times a night.

    give lily a collective fussbucket hug. we hope her arm heals up quick!

  2. mylifewithmymonster

    I think your mommy merit badges are a great idea. I need one for split lip(fat litp), child walking to early(bruised head, my son walked at 9.5m old), and every mom should have a 24/7 badge. Cause we work 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  3. dagmire

    oh yes, and how about the trying-not-to-swear-when-kids-are-within-earshot one?
    maybe the graphic could be a mouth with a piece of tape…
    or could that be misconstrued as the unusually quiet child?
    i want the toilet one, and i want it now
    our two year old is just starting along that path so i will try not to jinx it by saying too much
    we all know how that goes

  4. trmops

    Love this idea, absolutely love it. Can I get one for “youngest goes off to all day kindergarten”?

  5. that’s the most coveted badge of all! it was in development for a long time – hysterical laughter is hard to draw. congratulations.

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