the things you do for love

by kristin

what’s the most absurd thing you’ve done lately for those kids of yours?



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4 responses to “the things you do for love


    it depends

  2. besides becoming a hagard grouch? i’d say the most absurd thing i’ve done lately is to spend all of last weekend singing sasha’s name over and over to him because i couldn’t think of anything else to say.

  3. yesterday i drove all the way across town frantically searching for an elmo doll for lily. i’m not a big character merchandise fan but she was heartbroken to leave the one she played with at the dentist’s office and kept saying “baby!” thought her tears. i raced to fred meyer and grabbed the only one on the shelves, which happens to be wearing a diaper and has a freaking belly button. best of all, we brought it home and she hasn’t looked at it since.

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