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My family’s big summer vacation is here! It started with all of us spending the weekend apart. Sage went with my husband up to Salt Spring Island to celebrate the wedding of some friends. Story goes he got up in front of everyone during the toasts and played a one-note solo on his harmonica that lasted almost a minute until the other guests kindly clapped him off the stage. I guess he needs to work on his material.

I stayed home with Sasha to prepare for our trip (and spare us the misery of traveling a long car ride and two ferry boat rides twice on the weekend before we haul him across the country.) It was hard missing our friends’ party, but experience has taught me that we pay if we push our kids too hard.

I’ll be posting while I’m away, thanks to the in-laws getting wi-fi at their beach house. Woohoo! And Kristin will be contributing too. So look forward to that in the next couple of weeks.

What about you? Any thoughts on parenting, marriage, kids, etc? Love to hear it.



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2 responses to “The Open Post

  1. aadc

    I heard the harmonica solo — your report is accurate as far as it goes but what it leaves out is that Sage has great stage presence. Absolutely no performance anxiety detectable. (And Chris’s toast was lovely too. The command performance soccer duet was a great touch.)

    The kids actually made an important contribution to the party, leading the way for several hours of dancing. But I think their favorite part was the cake — it commanded their strict attention

  2. that’s great! thanks for including the picture. i heard your toast was very funny. (in fact, i heard sage was hamming it up then too. “It’s funny! I’m laughing because it’s so funny!”)

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