The Open Post

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was fun. On Friday evening, my husband took Sage to a Seattle Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox game. Sage is supposed to love the Red Sox since they’re his dad’s favorite team, but ever since he met the Mariner Moose earlier this summer, he’s been a die-hard Moose fan. I’m not sure Wally the Green Monster can compete with The Moose for Sage’s heart. We shall see.

Anyway, the fact that they were gone left me with a quiet house once Sasha went to bed. So Kristin jumped in her car and headed for the video store while I called in an order of Thai take-out. We ended up eating spicy Tom Yum soup and watching Sarah Silverman’s film, Jesus is Magic. Have any of you seen it? What did you think? Kristin and I agreed she was thought-provoking.

I’d love to hear from you this week. Your thoughts on Sarah Silverman, parenting, kids, marriage, life. It’s all welcome.



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5 responses to “The Open Post

  1. When I woke up this morning I found out that the rivalry between the Moose and the Red Sox is expanding beyond my family. According to this Boston Globe story, the Moose almost ran over the Sox center field player, Coco Crisp (can you believe that name?) during a game this weekend. The Moose rides around in an all terrain vehicle. Crisp is pissed.

    Also, I found this New Yorker profile of Sarah Silverman if anyone is curious.

  2. if i had oceans of time, it would be fun to rewatch jesus is magic and really think about it. like that scene at the end where she makes out with her reflection for an uncomfortably long time. what a great way to explore the self-confidence/self-love/narcissism(?) required to put on a one-woman show. there were so many moments like that in the movie – strange and awkward, kind of funny, kind of not, provocative and interesting. more of a conversation about comedy than a series of funny jokes.

  3. I love that Mariner Moose is now a keyword here. For the record, Sage is free to follow whomever he wants, or even nobody, as long as he understands that if “his Mariners” beat my Red Sox, I’m not going to be in a very good mood. Also, it takes a village to bring a 3-year-old to a sporting event. I probably needed to leave (in the 6th inning) more than Sage did.

  4. Ahh, to have “oceans of time.” Wish I had me some of that too.

  5. Hey everyone, I have a question. We’re going to be traveling by airplane next week with Sage (3.5 yrs) and Sasha (.5 yrs). Does anyone have any travel advice for us? We’ve traveled with kids before so we’re not total novices, but if any of you have some secret tricks that make the whole thing go more smoothly, I’d love to hear it.

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