Everyday is a Winding Road


[photo: Celebs and Bubs]

by Stacey

Now that the Tour de France is in full swing, it’s impossible not to think about Lance Armstrong, the man who won a record seven times in a row from 1999 to 2005. If you know anything about bike racing, which I didn’t until I met my husband, you’d know this is a truly amazing feat. Especially given the fact that the dude kicked cancer to boot.

In some ways, all of this success makes it all the more disappointing that Lance and down-to-earth Sheryl Crow didn’t make it as a couple. If you’re in the camp who didn’t know much about cycling, you might have at least known that Lance and Sheryl were the hot couple of summer 2005. News articles talked about how he had gotten her into cycling. They were fit and in love. And wedding bells were ringing.

But then. The shocking news of their sudden breakup. Followed by the even more disturbing revelation that Sheryl had breast cancer. This was not one of those its-fun-to-see-them-fall stories. We wished it weren’t so.

But now look at Sheryl! (Thanks to Babble for the tip.) She’s still Lanceless, but she’s hanging with her celebrity friend Hilary Swank in Italy and holding her son Wyatt who she adopted in May of this year. Life looks pretty good. I’m glad to see things worked out for her. It was rough going there for awhile.


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