Midwifery 911

by Stacey

A 911 dispatcher in Washington, DC talked a man through the delivery of his child when his wife went into labor at home last Thursday. According to this NBC4.com story, the father, Michael Mays, told the dispatcher, Nikita Washington Harris, “She’s about to have a baby. I’m looking at the head.”

Hold on there mister. If you’re looking at the head you should be at the hospital already. Unless this is one of those crazy fast labors you hear about. Shoot me now.

Luckily, Harris kept her cool. She discussed the situation with Mays and determined that he would have to deliver the baby himself. Mays’ wife, Felicia Ezieimma, was not so keen.

Harris, however was a rock star. “Apply firm but gentle pressure to keep the baby’s head from delivering too fast,” she said on the 911 recording. “I’m going to stay on the line with you.” Mays is heard on the 911 tape telling someone to get the paramedics and to find him a towel. Then Harris keeps coaching. “I want you to hold the legs and the hips,” Harris said to Mays during the delivery. “Remember, the baby is going to be slippery. Don’t drop the baby.”

Right on sister! How did she know all that?

A healthy 6 lb. 8 oz. girl was born moments later, just as the paramedics arrived. After all that, Harris joked, “Mr. Mays, you better name her Nikita!” That is one cool chick.


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  1. That’s for real?

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