Gerber Baby Food RECALL


by Stacey

I don’t know what the deal is with recalls this summer, but today’s news is about Gerber Organic Rice and Organic Oatmeal Cereals for babies. Last Friday, Gerber Products Co. recalled all packages of the cereals because of potential clumping which can pose a choking hazard. The company said it received complaints of choking, but no reports of injury.

According to the company statement, “A limited quantity of product may contain lumps of cereal, which do not dissolve in water or milk and pose a potential choking hazard.”

If you use this product here’s what you need to know:

The product has been distributed in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. If a consumer has Gerber ORGANIC Rice or Gerber ORGANIC Oatmeal Cereal, they should not use the product and call the Gerber Parents Resource Center 1-800-443-7237 or 1-231-928-3000 to return the product and receive a full refund.

Gerber ORGANIC Rice and ORGANIC Oatmeal Cereals are sold in 8 ounce boxes and all codes are being recalled. Gerber ORGANIC Rice UPC Code is 15000 12504. Gerber ORGANIC Oatmeal UPC Code is 15000 12502. These numbers can be found on the bottom right side of the box.

According this AP story, Food and Drug Administration compliance officer Sandra Williams said the agency was aware of the voluntary recall “and we concur.”

Gerber dominates the U.S. baby-food market, with the company holding a 79 percent share, according to Morgan Stanley.



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2 responses to “Gerber Baby Food RECALL

  1. pinkadillies

    Ugh. Is nothing safe anymore?

    Thanks for the PSA. I’ll warn my baby-having friends! 🙂

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