Dave Matthews Is My New Best Friend


[AP photo credit]

by Stacey

I’ve recently discovered that Dave Matthews and I have so much in common! Babble.com reported earlier this week, that Dave prefers cloth diapers over paper for his new baby because the paper ones generate too much garbage. Me too!

On Monday, Dave played at the Live Earth concert in New York. He sang a song called, “Don’t Drink the Water” which was apt for a concert to help raise awareness about the dismal state of the environment. No one asked me to sing at Live Earth, but I’m down with the cause. Just like Dave.

The other thing that Dave and I both like is a good cup of coffee. My friend here in Seattle said she saw him the other day at our neighborhood Lighthouse coffee shop. I guess he lives in Seattle. Just like me.

The truth is I don’t own a single one of his CD’s and when my friend said she saw him at Lighthouse, my first thought was that I probably wouldn’t recognize him if I saw him there. But don’t tell Dave. We’re off to such a good start.


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