Brad’s Still a Hottie


[photo credit:]

by Stacey

It was one thing to be a fresh faced Oberlin college girl, ahem, I mean woman, I mean womyn, I mean whatever, and to see Brad Pitt all shirtless and whatnot in Thelma and Louise. That sexy thief could steal my money any time.

But now that he’s a dad and doing the stay-at-home thing, the least he could do is frump it up a bit. But no. Here he is, all handsome with his hat and clean white tee shirt. Wait a minute. Fraud alert. Everyone knows you can’t keep a white shirt clean if you’re anywhere near a child.

I like this picture though. Brad seems like a good dad. Probably the nanny with the stained shirt is hiding in the bushes. But Brad sure makes it look good.


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