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It’s that time of the week. Your turn to tell us what you’re thinking about parenting, marriage, kids, and anything of the like. From my end, we’ve just started feeding Sasha people food. I’m trying to gear myself up for cleaning the spectacular mess that comes with feeding a baby in a high chair three times a day. Why is it if I’m in control of the spoon, the food still gets everywhere? Nursing is so much easier. I guess I have to suck it up, though. The boy can’t cart me around with him forever.

Kristin and I had a grand old time remaking the look of the site over a couple of drinks on Saturday night. We hope you like it. Gotta love Seattle, even the bars have wifi.

What’s new in your world?



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5 responses to “The Open Post

  1. dcslugabed

    Hi Stacey: I was going to comment on a sweet New York Times piece from last Thursday about an apparent trend that many young women these days cite their mothers as their best friends. It quoted some 20-something and 30-something women who talked to their moms by phone up to 8 times a day. I noticed this trend when I taught freshman composition at colleges about ten years ago–I noticed that a surprising number of these freshman women cited their mothers as their role models and wrote essays about how much they admired and enjoyed the company of their mothers. At the time, I thought, why aren’t these girls rebelling??? Now, as a mother, I hope I can develop a relationship with my daughters that will lead to a friendship throughout our lives.

    But then today and yesterday the New York Times ran more big stories on the poisoned medicine and toothpaste from China. It turns out that my concerns about these items and your concerns about Thomas the Tank Engine (yesterday’s Times story discussed both) are all related to problems with importing so much from China that is not effectively regulated. As far as I can tell, a combination of the poisoned pet food disaster (which killed my parents’ friends’ dog) and the New York Times reporting may be starting to make an impact–in a story yesterday the Times noted that many American companies are stepping up their testing of ingredients they get from China, and U.S. lawmakers are considering new regulation; and a story today said that the Chinese government is cracking down on two companies linked to the poisonous medicine that killed the children in Panama and also looking into the poisonous toothpaste that is in the U.S. However, the article was very sobering in describing how much of our food contains ingredients from China that could potentially be contaminated–for example: “These little-known additives form the building blocks of many popular staples in American kitchens, keeping fruit from turning brown or providing the sweetness in breakfast bars. Food experts note, for example, that China supplies more than half of all the apple juice imported to the United States, up from a fraction a decade ago.”


    “Other critical but common additives have followed an even sharper trajectory, according to Peter Kovacs, the former chief executive of NutraSweet Kelco and now a food industry consultant. More than 80 percent of ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C and also used as a preservative, comes from China, Mr. Kovacs said. Chinese imports of xanthan gum, used to thicken dairy products and salad dressings, account for at least 40 percent of United States consumption.”

    There is potential for a real disaster here… A hundred children in Panama already died, as did thousands of American dogs. It’s easy to imagine the potential for even more far reaching incidents to occur.

  2. Hi DCSlugabed,
    You’re reading my mind! I’m just in the middle of a post for tomorrow about that article on mothers and daughters. Stay tuned.

    As for China, I was also thinking about writing about this topic. You are right. This story has legs and it’s making me really question who can you trust? Sasha is waking up from his nap – I have to run. I’ll write more on this in a bit.

  3. dcslugabed

    Excellent. I’m looking forward to your post about the mothers and daughters story. I can add my additional thoughts to yours then.

  4. I’m back. Regarding China – what’s really scary is that consumers have little way of knowing if the ingredients in their food came from China. At least with toys and other products there is often a sign saying, made in China. But for something like ascorbic acid, it’s not going to tell you where it came from. So we really do need companies and the government to be keeping an eye on these issues. But I feel skeptical – will there be a new arm of the FDA or a new agency, as was proposed in the NY Times article on Sunday, to monitor food ingredients? Or will companies really make sure that the products they sell are safe? I hope so. After the two latest recalls, I’d like some assurance.

  5. Btw, I’m sorry to hear about your parents’ friends’ dog. Really sad.

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