Veggie Booty RECALL


by Stacey

Well, it’s happened again. Another staple in our home has been pulled from the market. This time it’s Veggie Booty snack food due to risk of salmonella contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to consumers on June 28th to avoid eating Veggie Booty and to throw away any packages. This from the FDA news release:

This warning is based on 52 reports of illness across 17 states, beginning in March 2007. Almost all the illnesses have occurred in children under 10 years old, with the most cases in toddlers. Most persons had reported bloody diarrhea; four were hospitalized. FDA learned of the illnesses on June 27 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which conducted an investigation of the illnesses with state and local health officials. The outbreak is considered likely to be ongoing.

Salmonella typically causes diarrhea (may be bloody); the diarrhea is often accompanied by abdominal cramps and fever. Symptoms typically begin within one to four days after exposure to the bacteria. In infants, persons with poor underlying health and those with weakened immune systems, Salmonella can invade the bloodstream and cause life-threatening infections.

I will never forget my first encounter with Veggie Booty. Sage was about seven months old and we were at a park with a few other moms and their babies. Somehow I ended up holding the bag of Booty when all of a sudden I realized that all of the babies had turned to me and in their own desperate ways, were all attempting to get to the bag. It was like a horror movie. All these babies coming after me at once. AGH!!!

Later I read this funny article in Salon about Veggie Booty, in which the author calls it “crack for babies.” There’s something about this stuff that really appeals to babies. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what. I think it’s gross. Really sad to hear that it made people sick, especially young kids. If you can’t trust Thomas the train and Veggie Booty, who can you trust?



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10 responses to “Veggie Booty RECALL

  1. dcslugabed

    Far worse than this veggie booty scare is the fact that in the past few years, children’s cough and pain medicine killed lots of children in Panama and, I believe, Bangladesh, due to poison being used as a cheap substitute for glycerin in China and then incorporated into the medicine without anyone bothering to check. (the New York Times has been covering these stories) If I have to, I can figure out how to make my own veggie booty (there’s got to be a way!) but I’m helpless when it comes to cooking up my own tylenol. Every time I give my children cough medicine or tylenol now, I have a moment of fear. If I could buy medicine that was certified to have no ingredients from China, I’d easily pay at least twice as much for it.

  2. yernemesis

    I never did trust that health food isle!

    It’s pork rinds and pepsi from now on for my precious little angels.

  3. that is scary. i haven’t seen the stories about the medicine. i’ve been giving sasha tylenol a lot the last week b/c he is teething big time. was tylenol implicated? after the thomas train scare, i emailed the makers of BRIO trains and asked if they could assure me there was no lead in their toys. they did. here’s their response if you’re curious:

    Greetings from K’NEX and BRIO. We can definitely understand your
    concern in light of the recent recall. The BRIO Corporation has also
    recently released the statement below regarding their products to
    you of their commitment to child safety:

    Play Safe with BRIO(r) Toys

    Statement regarding product safety:

    BRIO has been producing quality children’s toys for nearly 100 years.
    Over the years, BRIO has earned a reputation as a toy company whose
    products are manufactured to the highest standards. Within these
    standards, product safety is given highest priority.

    In the United States, all BRIO products conform to ASTM (American
    Society for Testing and Materials) toy safety standards, including
    metal toxicology. In Canada, all products conform to Canadian
    Products Act. BRIO products also meet European industry standards
    within EN-71 Part 3.

    All BRIO products, including the BRIO wooden railway system, have been
    designed to meet all toy safety regulations at the time of manufacture,
    including heavy metals such as lead

    Your friends at K’NEX and BRIO.

  4. dcslugabed

    Yes, I think tylenol was one of the poisoned medicines–but not in the U.S. yet. Adding to my anxiety about this is that there was just a story about fake Colgate toothpaste made in China and being sold in the U.S. that had the same poisonous glycerine substitute–and our friend swears he had bought it in our neighborhood store. When he brought it home, he noticed that some of the words were spelled wrong and the grammar wasn’t right–also that it didn’t have the right consistency to be Colgate, and threw it out, guessing it was a fake from China (he works in China a lot, so he may have been more savvy to the signs than some of us would be). He thought of alerting Colgate that fake Colgate was being sold, but I think he didn’t worry too much about it until he saw the story about the poison…

  5. wow, that is really scary about the toothpaste.

    as for tylenol, i’m going to see if there’s any information about how to tell the good stuff from the bad. i’ll post back here on that.

    thanks for the heads-up dcslugabed!

  6. raremer

    I have an idea about why veggie booty holds the allure of crack. Could it be that cheese curls would have a similar effect? What about Funyuns? The truth is most of the moms I know would never feed their kids those things, but because Veggie Booty contains KALE, it is OK, even “good for you”. A friend of mine calls veggie booty an “unfood.” Maybe — the veggies have been processed beyond recognition — but my son does love it. I would prefer a Funyun myself; at least it has flavor. But, alas, booty is as close as the youngsters in my circle get to junk food. How sad for them that it is off limits now too.

    At your next playground gathering, I dare you to produce some dusty, orange cheese curls, and watch out for the crack effect!

  7. I agree, Booty is probably the closest many of these kids will get to junk food. But it is remarkable how babies who’ve never even seen a french fry or a Funyun, seem to gravitate to VB. It’s like they’re all hardwired to GO FOR THE BOOTY. And I know you’re right that moms feel like it’s okay because of the kale. I’ve read and reread the package many times appreciating the iron content in a serving. Can there really be any nutritional content left in veggies that have been so processed? I doubt it.

  8. remember the pirate’s booty scandal from last year? good housekeeping tested it to determine if the nutritional info was correct and discovered that it actually had as much fat as a bag of corn chips, more than three times the amount advertised. seems like robert’s needs to tighten up the quality control a touch.

  9. magsdc

    Great blog! First time visitor. Among the children in our (extended) family, Veggie Booty is known as “Ya Ya.” Has something to do with a Laurie Berkner song whose refrain is “booty booty ya ya ya.” (Not quite a classic like “C Is For Cookie,” but also catchy.) Removing any association with veggies seems to make the product even MORE appealing. And by the way, do you ever post on kiddie music that is less than 100% likely to drive parents insane?

  10. hey there, thanks for commenting. nope, i haven’t posted on crazy-making kiddie music. we’ve been lucky in that our son took a fancy to bob dylan which was just fine with us. although even with dylan, the fact that our little one wanted to listen to it over and over and over again made us a little nuts.

    a friend has a funny veggie booty story. it was before she had kids and knew about the baby/booty connection. she was at a party with kids and they were dancing and she said, “shake your booty!” and the little girl next to her said, “your veggie booty!”

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