Thank God for Tina Fey


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by Stacey

I just spent the last half-hour reading celebrity gossip on Babble, trying to find something I cared enough about to post here. Despairing of another story about Denise Richards (Who the hell cares about her? I mean really.), I finally came across this picture of Tina Fey and her daughter Alice. Her daughter is cute. Like all babies. Well, not all. Some babies aren’t so cute. Hers is cute though.

But Tina. She kicks ass. She’s one of those rare stars who disproves the sexist and extremely obnoxious idea that women aren’t funny.

Being funny isn’t easy. I know, because I try. I’m constantly looking for the joke. Often I can’t find it. Sometimes I find it, but it’s too late. When I do hit the mark and get the laugh (even if it’s from the family dog), I can ride the wave of satisfaction for the rest of the day.

Lucille Ball was my childhood hero. As I got older, I have vivid memories of watching Lily Tomlin and Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live. Later, it was Tina who took command of Weekend Update, both as a head writer and as on-air, co-anchor with Jimmy Fallon . I love these women.

In the photo above, Tina and Alice are on the set of a new film called Baby Mama, about a woman who hires a surrogate mother so she can have a baby and keep her career on track. Actually, that sounds really, kinda, awfully fraught. If she can find the humor in that, she’ll deserve more than praise from rinky-dink me.



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4 responses to “Thank God for Tina Fey

  1. dcslugabed

    Plus I love 30 Rock–it’s smart and funny and I think it’s great that as far as I can tell in my very limited tv watching, the only successful sitcom recently was created by and stars a woman in such a smart, funny role.

  2. i haven’t seen 30-rock. when is it on?

  3. dcslugabed

    Who knows, I have tivo. But if you like Tina Fey you’ve got to see it. She created and stars in the show. It’s really good. We store them up on tivo and watch them whatever night here or there I can manage to stay up for half an hour after the kids are in bed.

  4. i’ll google it and figure it out.

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