Katie Gets a Good Haircut


by Stacey

I like Katie Holmes’ new haircut. I think she looks stylish and sexy. There are rumors flying that she’s pregnant again. Her life seems to have spun out. Time was, it would have been great to be hooked up with Tom Cruise. But that was circa 1986 when he was Top Gun tough.

Now he’s just a creep. It’s sad really. Katie could have had a cool celebrity life. But instead, from random photo shots taken by people lurking in the bushes, she seems pretty miserable. (Of course if there were people following me around all day snapping my photo I would look pissy a lot of the time too.)

So I’m glad for Katie that she’s got a good new haircut. I know it can really lift your spirits. And if she’s pregnant, all the more. Nothing like having great hair while your body goes to hell in a handbasket.



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2 responses to “Katie Gets a Good Haircut

  1. bklynmags

    I agree completely — nice haircut but sad life, it seems from the outside. Though she does have some nice clothes …

  2. yes, lots of dough will do that.

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