Claire’s a Mom!

by Stacey

If it weren’t for HBO, being homebound with kids night after night would probably seem like Paris Hilton’s wished-for-but-denied house arrest. But as it is, shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under have made it downright dandy to spend another evening in front of the tube.

I’ll start with The Sopranos. I know I’m behind the curve (that was so Monday morning), but I’ll just say for the record I loved the entire last episode EXCEPT the blackout. Hated the blackout. If you commenters want to get into it with me, I’m all ears.

But the reason I’m writing about HBO is because I just read this profile in New York magazine of Lauren Ambrose, otherwise known as Claire from Six Feet Under, a show I also really loved. Also had a great ending. With no blackout, I might add.

If you’re wondering what happened to our beloved Claire after she moved to New York, she had a baby and is starring in Romeo and Juliet in NYC’s Shakespeare in the Park. Oh wait, that’s Lauren’s story. Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

Lots of new HBO series coming up. Hooray!! I haven’t had a chance to watch the first episode of Big Love yet. It’s all Tivoed up and ready to go. I’m just waiting to get these kiddos to bed.


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