News of Interest

by Stacey

Scanning the news, Mary Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Samuel David Cheney yesterday in Washington, DC. I wish her and her partner well and welcome them to the wonderful, terrible world of parenting.

But what is with the elder Cheneys? Just following the birth, the evil vice president and his wife Lynne posed for a professional photograph with their grandchild. It’s been clear for awhile now that the Cheneys support their daughter and accept her lesbian relationship. So how can they also be a part of political party that HATES their daughter, despises her way of life, claims that this grandchild will have personal problems because he is raised in a homosexual household, and would refuse her and her partner the important legal rights afforded to those of us who happen to be straight and choose to get married? I don’t get it. I guess it’s the same mentality that allows them to push for war as long as it’s someone else’s kid whose going to risk getting killed or severely maimed. Enough with these people. I can’t wait until they are no longer in office.

Which brings me to my next topic: the upcoming presidential election. The Washington Post ran a brief story on its politics blog called The Fix on how women voters view Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House. They combined two polls from February and April, ran the numbers and came up with an analysis showing Hillary is popular among young women voters, but not as much among women her own age.

Clinton runs weakest among her contemporaries — women between 50 and 64 years old (Clinton is currently 59 years old; she turns 60 on Oct. 26). In that subgroup Clinton takes 31 percent of the women’s vote compared with 25 percent for Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), 18 percent for former Vice President Al Gore and 12 percent for former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.).

Her strongest demographic subgroup is women between the ages of 18 and 39. Clinton takes 45 percent among that demographic to 22 percent for Obama, 12 percent for Gore and 10 percent for Edwards. (Interestingly, Clinton also runs strongest among men aged 18-39; she polled 40 percent in that group.)

The blog writer speculates that young women “tend to see Clinton as an iconic figure, a pioneer who has overcome a series of personal challenges to now be in contention to be the first woman ever elected president.” That’s how I see her too. I don’t know yet who I want to see as the Democratic candidate. But I do think it is very exciting to have a woman who is so clearly capable and qualified in the running.



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3 responses to “News of Interest

  1. Just got this insight from reading the Cheney baby post by Dana on MotherTalkers:

    “The White House released a careful photo of Dick and Lynne Cheney with the baby. The media is showing this, along with older photos of Mary and Heather, but none of the two moms with the baby. This is so obviously a concession to the ultra-right as to be laughable.”


  2. sean and i were talking this morning about the hilary clinton story, trying to figure out why women her own age are less enamored of her. we wonder if it’s because she stayed with bill after the lewinsky scandal instead of leaving him. to me, it seems like she sacrificed her personal integrity, i.e. dumping his ass, for a political career. i don’t have a strong feeling about that either way – i’ll still vote for her – but maybe i would if she was my peer.

    it does make me think about that age-old relationship between women and sex and power, all the bargains women have made over the course of history to get what they want. it’s interesting to see this dynamic following women even into the presidency.

    if only we weren’t so damn HOT!

  3. I don’t know who’s more nauseating, the parents who hate everyone who resembles their child while ladling out happy soundbites about how much they love their child, or the child for not telling her parents what ignorant dinosaurs they are. Actually, I’ll go with the former… Mary’s not too empowered by her family situation, I’m guessing.

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