The beat goes on

by Stacey

I’m back on my soapbox. Bear with me, please. I just read this ridiculous story in USA Today about the newest version of the Mommy Wars: Alpha Mom vs. Slacker Mom. (Thanks to MotherTalkers for the tip.)

There’s a backlash brewing among the Other Mothers. They, too, love their kids and want to raise them right. But unlike the much-hyped Alpha Moms, whose desire to be The Perfect Mom sometimes leads them to excess in the name of excellence, the laid-back mothers are gaining ground.

If you’re just tuning in, the original Mommy Wars occurred between stay-at-home mothers and working mothers. But now that there’s nothing left to say about that, the news media tells us there’s a new war happening in our neighborhoods.

On one side are the often-talked about Alpha Moms. They are dubbed “high-achievers” and “can-do types.” And my personal favorite: Alpha Moms “often surf the Web and blogs for advice.” I know you’re out there, Alpha Mom. Go away! Shoo!!

On the other side is a new creature on the playground, the Slacker Mom. According to the article, Slacker Moms “have it together sometimes.” Huh? And they “may forget to send back permission slips or lose track of their turn for team snacks.” Oh no!

Are you kidding me? Are we really having this conversation? I don’t know a single person who acts like these so-called Alpha Moms or Slacker Moms, unless you count me who acts like one or the other or something completely different at any given time. The premise of the article is dumb.

Why is the news media obsessed with the idea that mothers all over the country at war with each other? The idea that this is a newsworthy trend is half-baked at best.

Meanwhile, as USA Today is filling pages with Mommy War nonsense, here’s one thing they didn’t tell you: Washington State just passed a paid family leave law. This is actual news that matters to families. Starting October 2009, Washington State workers who have a baby will be entitled to five weeks off with a stipend. We join California as the only two states in the country with paid family leave. This story ran in the Seattle Times on the same day USA Today ran their piece on the Slacker Moms.


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