damn, that hurt

by kristin

this morning, i was nursing lily (of course) and she reared back and rammed her head HARD into my front left tooth. miraculously, she was fine. i, however, am still in pain at the end of the day. i am starting to wonder if she killed it. between the saggy boobs, the grey hair and my new black front tooth . . . damn, i’m looking good!

when i told my friend genine about this problem, she suggested i get a gold tooth with a diamond chip. i love her idea as it would be kind of a battle scar and crack me up every time i looked in the mirror. however, i may never get hired again. so this will require some serious consideration if things go bad. i will keep you posted.

ha ha funny joke, lady.  this is my life.

the photo on my new employee badge? stay tuned . . .


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Filed under breastfeeding, family life

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