she sees dead people

by kristin

now and then, sadie says something that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. i keep expecting her to bust out in fluent chinese or tell me in great detail about the day she married great-grandpa. here’s why:

1. the time i was reading her a bedtime story. she was probably two years old or so. she interrupted me and asked, “who’s that lady?”, pointing and staring up at the ceiling above her bed. trying to be brave, i looked, saw nothing and said in a shaky little voice, “you see a lady up there?” “yeah. she looks like a christmas light. she’s nice. she likes apples and pears and plums.”

2. the time we were talking about how babies are born. we haven’t talked much about the mechanics, but i was curious to see if she remembered what it was like. i ask kids that question all the time and never get a very good answer. so i was shocked when she said, “it was cozy and dark and muscles and a little scary because you were so big.” and then i asked if she remembered being born and she said, “it was cozy and then scary. there was a tunnel and a BIG hole (arms held in a circle around her head) and i slid out like i was riding on a leaf on a slide. whoosh!”

3. the time we were visiting her preschool teacher. about five minutes after our arrival, sadie pointed to a big healthy-looking plant and said, “this plant is happy.” and then she pointed to another big healthy-looking plant and said, “and that plant is sad. the dirt kept pouring and pouring out and now it’s sad.” teacher julie turned to me and said, “you need to know that’s exactly what happened. my kids tipped that plant over yesterday and didn’t tell me until this morning.”

not quite sure what to do here. maybe we should line up a playdate with this guy.


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  1. Kristin, you have to keep records of this! Sadie will need these for her autobiography someday.

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