my “lovely” lady lumps

by kristin

the phrase “sucking the life out of me” crosses my mind at least once a day, so i must be gearing up to wean my 17-month-old girl, lily. which leads me to wonder what is going to happen when i stop nursing. i mentioned this the other day to a friend who said her post-nursing breasts look like tube socks with rocks. lily can turn her head 180 degrees away from my body while still nursing and it doesn’t hurt. i am literally afraid to see what is waiting for me on the other side of weaning. i don’t think it’s going to be very pretty.

at the same time, i keep thinking about sacrifice and why we give so much to our children despite great personal cost. it must be some swirling combination of biological drive, duty/obligation/responsibility and that passionate, nearly desperate love. ultimately, it’s been great for me to give so much away and stop thinking about myself all the time. but it just blows me away to realize the scope of the sacrifices i am asked to make on a daily basis.

whoops, there go my boobs . . . hmmm, what should i make for dinner?



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4 responses to “my “lovely” lady lumps

  1. melissadad

    I am having the life sucked out me by a 17 month old too!! And I am sitting here dying to know how you intend to wean the loving gal. I hate making my little girl suffer but I also never intended to nurse past one year. You have any tips?

  2. i don’t know WHAT to do – she’s so passionate about nursing and incredibly persistent about it. (she’s doing it right now) stacey weaned sage by holding him as if he was nursing and giving him a sippy cup of vanilla soy milk. he went for it, so that might work for you. i tried it with lil and it was a no go, so now i’m back to the beginning. i think i just have to gear myself up for some serious tantrums, try to pick a time when everyone else is doing well, i’m rested and she’s not teething.

    do you have a plan? maybe we could be an online weaning club, work on it at the same time. any one else out there have some tips for us?

  3. the other thing i did was i cut back certain times and left others alone. the first to go were the ones at random times during the day, especially after he’d just eaten. that way you can tell your child, not now, but later you can nurse again.

  4. i have a new plan! yesterday, i bought lil a blueberry smoothie and she loved it. so now i’m thinking i’ll go to trader joes and load up on juice. whenever she comes after me, i’ll just swap out a sippy cup and see if that does it.

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